Note: Because of Covid-19, this festival will not be an event to gather a lot of people in one location. Rather, we advise people to do it in their pivate home or backyard, making it a Bubble Fun MIGA festival (Make Individual Great Again).

Our mission is to enable universal access to:

• Bubble Fun events and community experiences focusing on BubbleBox or similar structures

• Various forms of artistic expression around the BubbleBox and related themes

• BubbleBox campuses, friends and family networks For Everyone, Everywhere.


Bubbles are liquid spheres that don’t just enclose air or another gas – they also capture energy and the imagination. The more we know about bubbles, the better we will be able to appreciate organic lifeforms in the animal and vegetable kingdoms.


The BubbleBox originated as part of a thought experiment to generate high volume liquid soap bubble producing applications to harness solar energy for PyraPOD greenhouses and buildings. The engineers were so enthusiastic about the results that they decided to share the BubbleBox experiment with the broader community to broaden the reach of the technology.

The Bubble Fun Festival is our way to make the original question of the BubbleBox thought experiment as obvious and accessible as possible – why do we like bubbles so much?


In 2020, the world has turned into a never ending flow of unfiltered bubble references – for social distancing and for liquid soap hand hygiene. The Bubble Fun Festival builds on this atmosphere by making the science of bubbles a pivotal part of social gatherings.


• Position the BubbleBox at public events to entertain children, engage parents as potential customers, capture crowd attention


• Dynamic way for people to interact with each other in a highly secure space

• Open and free to all.


With the sharp rise of remote education and the historical impact of COVID-19 in 2020, the Bubble Fun Festival with its focus on BubbleBox can offer something new to teachers, administrators, and students alike pushing the envelope in online education. From small classrooms to full-blown, customized large-scale campuses that can service thousands of students everyday, the Bubble Fun Festival can help educators and students to connect and engage with each other in more efficient ways.


• Technical Skills

• STEAM curriculum


• Dynamic way for instructors & students to interact in a highly secure & private hygienic space.


Remote collaboration is becoming normalized across enterprises where geographically disparate, functional teams are deploying a mix of software, manufacturing and communications tools. Whether it be for an individual, a small team, or a large enterprise, a persistent bubble experiment can offer many cognitive efficiencies, improve productivity, an increase in morale, as well as anchor the relationships, collaborations, and decisions made in a physical space. Real life is 3D.

Humans are biologically wired to better engage and absorb information in bubble based environments. Bubble Fun Festival can also help your business integrate its own custom BubbleBox solutions for enhanced privacy, security, ownership, and control of your entertainment, recreation and food security needs.


• Production hubs for food and entertainment.


• Dynamic way for people to interact with each other in a highly secure & private VR space.

• 3D audio and video stream for better communication and relatability between users.

• Ability to share content in real time via screen share.