Welcome to Bubble Fun Festival!

Watch the following video to see what sort of fun you can do with the bubbles – bubble show, how to color your bubbles, blow the largest bubbles with wind, and see how a bubble look in extremely cold winter time, plus some practical uses for bubbles:

OK, we have set up a free membership section giving you access to a PDF 2D file that is based on the following 3D Sketchup design:

Bubble Box

Click on this link to access that page: bubblefun.org/free-member-area

You need to register and are in logged-in status in order to access that file. Registeration is free and you just need to enter your very basic information such as your name & email. Then a confirmation email will be sent to your email inbox – so make sure you double check the email you enter.

Here is a list of benefits in the membership area:

  • Access to details related to the Festival BubbleBox (now) and BubbleShower (future)
  • Contribute to this site by showing off your build (now)
  • Indepth teaching videos (future)
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of parts (future)
  • Chances to receive discounts for related products & kits (future)
  • and many others – please let us know what else

Not interested for now? Then just enjoy the following videos:

The above video show our design for the BubbleBox, a precursor for BubbleShower

Then this one above showing how a bubble generator performs according to our design.

Major Update for Our PyraPOD with SolaRoof BubbleTech Projects

Today is the Bubble Fun Festival for the summer of 2022. I'd like to take the opportunity to update you...
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Our first bubble generator producing bubbles in front of Tim Allen’s Down To The Wire Welding shop

With the help of Richard Nelson, our first bubble generator is producing a lot of bubbles:
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Bad News for Bubble Fun Festival and Good News for PyraPOD4

Bad News for Bubble Fun Festival and Good News for PyraPOD4

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FWXnoUwQiI We explain all in the video.
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Bubble Fun for the Whole world!

Bubble Fun for the Whole world!

Because the India team could not finish the professional design on time, we set this up for the moment.
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